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  • Blender Conference 2019 Call for Proposals

    The call for proposals for Blender Conference 2019 is now open! Submit your idea at conference.blender.org, the new conference portal!

    Submit Proposal

    Blender Conference 2018

    Was: 25 - 26 - 27 October.

    Watch the videos: The full list on YouTube.

    BCon Animation Festival & Suzanne Awards


    Travel & Accommodation

    Via Schiphol

    Walk to the main exit hall, there's a railway station underneath. Take train to to Amsterdam Centraal Station (15-20 minutes). You can get tickets in vending machines or at desks.

    By Train

    Get out at "Centrum", walk to De Balie is about 20 minutes. You can also take tram lines.

    By Car

    Parking in Amsterdam is impossible or expensive! Best is to park outside the center; like in "ArenA Transferium". Cheap parking rates include metro/tram tickets.

    De Balie

    Blender Conference takes place at De Balie. A 19th-century courthouse in one of the most important squares in Amsterdam.

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